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I Can Do This

When I thought of the title of today's blog. I was actually speaking to myself about my blogging behaviors. I've had a few blogs in the past but for some reason or another, I stopped using them. Responses and questions were few and it just seemed useless to write to a silent audience. On any social media site, writers expect (actually hope) to have responses from their readers. The word social implies that people meet and communication occurs. Social media wasn't intended to be used as a television where you just sit to be entertained or to be read as a book or an article. So, having little to nothing occur, I put blogging to rest and moved on to other chatterboxes.  Well, I am back to blogging with no expectations, only hoping to reach the people who need to read this the most. My only request is that visitors be respectful. I created this space for positive interactions. It's a place to ask and answer questions about good literature, writing, publishing, education,


 It's been some years since my last blog from this site and I'm happy to return with a fresh new look and location. Having nine more years of knowledge and experience, I'll be able to reach more, teach more, and help more writers & readers out there.  For new and returning followers, here is the link to the old blog where you can learn a bit about my history: *Please do not use the Serenity Connection link on the old blog. I no longer own that URL. I'll be posting more links to my author and publishing websites. Stay in touch! Bridgette